#11 Make chocolate croissants

November 27th
Easiest task ever. And probably one the most rewarding so far because they were SO DELICIOUS. I don’t mean to brag because clearly all the props go to the gracious existence of chocolate and puff pastry dough.

Yes, chocolate and puff pastry dough - that is all you need to get these amazing croissants. Check the recipe HERE. Bon appetit!

#10 Laugh until I cry

October 9th
Well, this is probably the easiest task for me. It’s like that Amy Winehouse song: “They tried to make me go to rehab and I said…”

#8 Give money to a street musician

September 20th
Like every other post, this needs an explanation.
Although this lovely young man you see in the picture was indeed very talented, he was not the actual musician I gave money to. But since I didn’t get a chance to take a photo of him, I decided it was best to at least post a picture related to the task.

I took this last Saturday (Sept. 24th) in Portobello Road with my dearest Diana F+.

Now, I gave money to an amazing musician playing the piano in the tube. He was also singing one of my mom’s favorite songs: Mad World by Gary Jules, so it just felt like the perfect time to complete the task. This happened on Tuesday, September 20th.

#9 See a musical in London

September 20th
I took this right when the doors opened so that’s why there are so many empty seats but 10 minutes later the place was packed. So, how exactly was the Mamma Mia experience…?

There is absolutely NO way you’re getting out of this theatre without a stupid grin on your face. Even if you think ABBA songs are tacky. Even if you think going to see a musical is tacky. Even if you’re the most serious person ever. Ok… overreacting much?

But in all seriousness, the Mamma Mia musical is such an uplifting thing to see and the ending was just priceless. The entire audience got on their feet dancing and singing the songs. If I could, I’d do it again without a second thought.

A photo of the 99th thing that makes me happy or smile.

September 18th
So I told you I would post something very spanish in one of the next posts and here it is: the mighty paella.
The funny thing is… I ate it in London. And it was to die for. Or maybe we were all just really hungry.

Things I’ve learned this week.

Go on the London Eye
In case you didn’t know, I spent this last week in London. And I got a few tasks done but going on the London Eye was not one of them. My heart is still in pieces over this. 

Lesson learned: Do not go to London without planning what you want to see/do and telling everyone you really have to do it in sake of your beloved Day Zero Project. Otherwise, with all the other billions of things to see, your request will get shut down.
What to do next: I’ll keep the task on my list because this WILL get done someday. Oh it will.

Go vegetarian for a week
Yeaaaaaaah right. Let’s see you spend 10 hours a day walking almost non-stop for a week and only ask for vegetables when it’s time to eat. HELL TO THE NO.

Lesson learned: Don’t be stupid enough to think this is a brilliant idea when there are over 10 McDonald’s/Pizza Huts/Nando’s in every street of the place you’re going to visit. I’m still proud of myself though because I actually ate a lot of salads… with some proteins on the side.
What to do next: Still looking forward to do this though. Never gonna give you up, never gonna let yooooou doooown…

Go to a food festival
Let’s be honest for a second. I only put this task on my list because I knew there was going to be a food festival in London on Friday and it would be just another task I could easily cross off. Surprise, surprise… it didn’t get done.

Lesson learned: When you have loads of things to do, don’t try to do something just because (you think) you can. It’ll be better when you complete a task because you think it’s gonna be the coolest thing ever in the first place. Although I love food and frankly the whole concept of a food festival, I’d rather have something else on my list.
What to do next: I’ll delete this task from the list and put something new very soon. No regrets.

#7 Buy something online.

September 14th
Holy. friggin’. shiz. This was clearly a day for some impulsive decisions.
I just bought tickets to the Mamma Mia musical in London. Surprisingly enough, they were pretty affordable!

A photo of the 100th thing that makes me happy or smile.

September 14th
Today was awesome. Ana, Rita, Sara and yours truly went to eat some chocolate fudge pancakes. Sounds good? Tastes even better. But… 


#6 Get into Pottermore.

September 11th
Hear me roar, bitches. I’M IN!

#5 Read a book on the beach.

September 8th
I’ve actually read two books on the beach. This is a photo of the one I didn’t finish reading - Three Weeks With My Brother by Nicholas Sparks.
It’s a good book (so far), but it’s not as exciting as I was expecting it to be. Maybe I’ll change my mind when I actually read the whole thing.

I’ll talk about the other one later because it really deserves its own post. 

#4 Influence a person to make a day zero list.

My friend Rita just helped me get another task done and she made a day zero list herself! HERE it is.

Follow her journey at one-day-it-rained.tumblr.com. You know you want to.

#3 Cook risotto.

September 7th
I present to you… risotto with mushrooms à la moi.
I’m hoping Jamie Oliver would either be proud or jealous of this.

#2 A photo of the 101st thing that makes me happy or smile.

September 3rd
Living in a material world. And I’m a material girl.
At least that’s what that Madonna song said.

I’m starting this fun task - Identify 101 things which make me happy, or smile, and photograph them - with my lovely new shoes.

#1 Spend a day at the beach.

September 1st
First task is done. Easily done.

When we got here, it was raining so that explains why there aren’t that many people on the beach. The weather got better though. A LOT better. 

Well, to be honest the first real task was “Go on holiday" and then… "Visit Spain" was the 2nd one. SOOO this is actually the 3rd task. Let’s keep this off the record so it doesn’t feel like cheating.

But I’ll try and post something spanish enough on one of my next posts.

So this is officially Day Zero.

Thanks to Miss Ana, I’ve started my own Day Zero Project.
Well technically, it’ll start tomorrow. 

If you don’t know what Day Zero Project is… you are missing out. 
It’s actually really simple. All you have to do is:

101 Things in 1001 Days.

This is going to be the journal where I’ll upload pictures/write stuff/
post videos/etc about the tasks.
In case you want to check out my list HERE it is.

Tomorrow is THE DAY!